Town Heraldry


For the Glory of Spero!
The Governor is: Avatar of Dardoc (5544) Dardoc

Active Citizens: 69
Total Citizens: 222
+ [See Grail Token donators]

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Spero is located at 11x and -10y.
Required Reputation to join: 4,500.
Tax for citizens: 0%
Tax for visitors: 0%
The Council of Spero
1:Governor: Avatar of Dardoc (5544) Dardoc
2:Lieutenant Governor : Avatar of Filbert (5119) Filbert
3:Herald: Avatar of Entropy (7524) Entropy
4:Constable: Avatar of Hadrian (1970) Hadrian
5:Qwommander!: Avatar of Ed Jenkins (5480) Ed Jenkins
6:Official Observer: Avatar of Eve (5088) Eve
7:Jolly Rancher: Avatar of Delandra (6086) Delandra
8:Iron Snowman: Avatar of Wailer (975) Wailer
9:Monk: Avatar of Axeguy (5142) Axeguy
10:Fields Marshal: Avatar of Skadi (5455) Skadi
11:Minister of Finance: Avatar of Huscarl (1123) Huscarl
12:Chief Miller: Avatar of Ormando (5547) Ormando