Town Heraldry


For the Glory of Spero!
The Governor is: Avatar of Dardoc (5544) Dardoc

Active Citizens: 69
Total Citizens: 223
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Spero is located at 11x and 10y.
Required Reputation to join: 4,500.
Tax for citizens: 0%
Tax for visitors: 0%
This Is Spero




We welcome you all.


Spero is a city with a rich history. Founded by a group of warriors, it is a proud free city to this day.


All are welcome here. And all can prosper. At the first (and so far only) city to complete all production upgrades and with the largest bank in the realms, all will be able to prosper here. The fact that Spero levies no taxes either on it´s citizens or visitors helps everyone thrive.


To start you off on your life as a Seeker, Spero offers generous support for new seekers, ensuring that key gear and equipment is available, together with materials and a strong community of seekers able to provide support and advice on whatever path you choose to travel.


Whether you seek the path of the craftsman, the warrior, the farmer or the swineherd, Spero welcomes you as the home base for all your adventures, may your feats be remembered forevermore.