Date: 07th of August 2022
Dear Seekers,

The game is now back online!
Hope to welcome you soon in our Realm!
Please, read the announcements for the latest updates!

Yours sincerely,

~ Lord Arogandor

Date: 05th of August 2022
Dear Seekers,

The game is back online for testing purposes!
Feel free to login and help us find possible bugs and issues in the new script.
Keep in mind that the real game is still on hold and that after the testing days the game will reset back to how it was at 26th of July.

We hope to be back online for real somewhere this Sunday.
Date: 03th of August 2022
Dear Seekers,

About 75% of the code has been checked and uploaded again!
With a little luck, the website will be back online tomorrow for few days of testing!
Please keep in mind that when you are able to login again, the time in the Realm will still be at a stand still. Anything you do during those testing days will not have any permanent effect. The testing days will be used to find and solve as many bugs as possible before putting the game back online for real. Hopefully this will happen somewhere during the upcoming weekend.
The game will then continue exactly as it was at 26th of July.
Date: 01st of August 2022
Dear Seekers,

Last weekend, I’ve spend most of my time learning about the basics of building treehouses, which was a whole new experience! :-)

Today, I updated roughly 25% of the code and uploaded the files back to the site. I’m very hopeful to have the Grail Lords up and running again for testing by the end of this week!

I’m aware we’ve missed some Birthdays, a Grail Lottery and other time related events, but we’ll find a suitable solution for all missed events once the game is up and running smoothly again.
Date: 29th of July 2022
Dear Seekers,

4th day already that The Grail Lords is offline!
So far, roughly 10% of the code has been altered and tested. But I’m having high hopes that the process will speed up as I’m getting more familiar with what I’m doing! Once all the coding has been updated, the login page still will need special attention. After that I hope to place the website back online for a trial run.

This weekend I will be building a treehouse for -and together with- my little niece and nephew, so I will not be doing much work behind the computer.

Take care all and have a great weekend ahead!
Date: 28th of July 2022
Dear Seekers,

I’m touched to see how much support I receive from so many Seekers all over the world!
It works highly motivating for me, so thank you all!

Today, I’ve studied and using, I’ve gained a better understanding on how to make the code used in the game more secure against hacking. There are about 1,700 items that have to be updated in the game before I can place the website back online. Changing this probably will be the most time consuming part because everytime the changes need to be tested. Once this is done I believe we are ready for business again!
Date: 27th of July 2022
Dear Seekers,

After the site went offline yesterday, it was a very sad day for many of us!
It was heartwarming for me to receive so many support from all of you which helped me greatly! I’m very happy you all care so much about this project and we can’t let this 16 year old adventure end like this!

I’m working to put the website back online, using new and more a secure code. There’s a learning curve and thousands of lines of code have to be adjusted, so this will take some time but eventually The Grail Lords will be back online. I will regularly post updates here so you can follow the progress.
Date: 26th of July 2022
Dear Seekers,

I’m very sad to inform you that The Grail Lords is currently unavailable for an undefined amount of time.
For the past few days our game has been under attack and several attempts to enter our database were made.

It is not certain that the data in our database has been compromised, but we can’t take any risk. This is why we temporarily took the game offline. In case you use the same password for The Grail Lords on other websites, please consider changing your password on those websites.

When I have more information, I will update this page.
I’m very sorry and apologize for this happening!

Hopefully we will be back online anytime soon!
Enter the Realm