Town Heraldry


~Loyal to the End~
The Town Leader is: Avatar of mini Roos (6099) mini Roos

Active Citizens: 66
Total Citizens: 296
+ [See Grail Token donators]

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Azetyth is located at -25x and -5y.
Required Reputation to join: 5,000.
Tax for citizens: 2%
Tax for visitors: 4%
The Council of Azetyth
1:Town Leader: Avatar of mini Roos (6099) mini Roos
2:Assistant Supreme: Avatar of nadamor (6620) nadamor
3:Town Herald: Avatar of Naedremraf (6622) Naedremraf
4:Supreme Justicer: Avatar of Cyprane (6720) Cyprane
5:Supreme Gatekeeper: Avatar of SirGyzmo (1766) SirGyzmo
6:Supreme Filler: Avatar of mini Roos (6099) mini Roos
7:Supreme Rancher: Avatar of pengembara  (5531) pengembara
8:Supreme Professor: Avatar of nadamor (6620) nadamor
9:Supreme Healer: Avatar of Aurora (1330) Aurora
10:Supreme Field Agent: Avatar of Maranatha (3250) Maranatha
11:Supreme Marketeer: Avatar of Godsfortune (3124) Godsfortune
12:Supreme Miller: Avatar of Charlotte (6430) Charlotte