Town Heraldry


Our Flame Shines Bright
The Mayor is: Avatar of Sain (3832) Sain

Active Citizens: 65
Total Citizens: 223
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Sarmiz is located at 5x and -18y.
Required Reputation to join: 5,000.
Tax for citizens: 2%
Tax for visitors: 2%
The Council of Sarmiz
1:Mayor: Avatar of Sain (3832) Sain
2:Chancellor: Avatar of Calladarian (2932) Calladarian
3:Town Herald: Avatar of Bufu8891 (5397) Bufu8891
4:Chief Constable: Avatar of Ghryver (5616) Ghryver
5:Captain of the Watch: Avatar of Masius (4762) Masius
6:Town Advisor: Avatar of Wisely (6044) Wisely
7:Ranch Overseer: Avatar of Cuhadar (2302) Cuhadar
8:Academy Rector: Avatar of Calladarian (2932) Calladarian
9:Chief Physician: Avatar of Gorthank (2719) Gorthank
10:Farm Overseer: Avatar of Robrecht I (5224) Robrecht I
11:Town Seneschal: Avatar of Exe Maleficarum (44) Exe Maleficarum
12:Town Miller: Avatar of buzadam (984) buzadam