Town Heraldry


"Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve"
The Mayor is: Avatar of Nolly (4871) Nolly

Active Citizens: 131
Total Citizens: 517
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Camaar is located at -13x and 8y.
Required Reputation to join: 3,000.
Tax for citizens: 0%
Tax for visitors: 0%
The Council of Camaar
1:Mayor: Avatar of Nolly (4871) Nolly
2:Deputy Mayor: Avatar of Lady Margarite (3228) Lady Margarite
3:Herald: Avatar of rishi (4887) rishi
4:Justice of the Peace: Avatar of Kohana (1303) Kohana
5:Gate Marshal: Avatar of Aglarele (2847) Aglarele
6:Career Advisor: Avatar of cel3stina (5011) cel3stina
7:Ranch Overseer: Avatar of McDuck (4623) McDuck
8:Academy Provost: Avatar of King david (4975) King david
9:Master Healer: Avatar of TheTad (4954) TheTad
10:Field Planner: Avatar of Keitsu (1668) Keitsu
11:Treasurer: Avatar of Baron von Glasenapp (20) Baron von Glasenapp
12:Master Miller: Avatar of livdera (4799) livdera