[Name] [Type] [Weight] [Avg Price]
Dodo PlumesDodo PlumesIngredient (E)0.05 Wgt2 S and 3 B
Bittergreen PetalsBittergreen PetalsIngredient (U)0.10 Wgt23 B
Four-leaf CloverFour-leaf CloverIngredient (E)0.10 Wgt2 S and 3 B
Pheasant FeatherPheasant FeatherIngredient (C)0.10 Wgt1 S and 4 B
Vitalizing Gold FlowerVitalizing Gold FlowerIngredient (R)0.10 Wgt35 B
Iron OreIron OreResource0.15 Wgt4 B
NectarNectarIngredient (U)0.15 Wgt21 B
Willow AntherWillow AntherIngredient (C)0.15 Wgt8 B
Elion's BloodElion's BloodIngredient (U)0.20 Wgt1 S and 3 B
Fog LiliesFog LiliesIngredient (U)0.20 Wgt27 B
Iron NailsIron NailsResource0.20 Wgt9 B
NettleNettleIngredient (C)0.20 Wgt12 B
Red BerryRed BerryIngredient (C)0.20 Wgt19 B
Deadly MonkshadeDeadly MonkshadeIngredient (C)0.25 Wgt11 B
EggEggFood0.25 Wgt28 B
Fish ScalesFish ScalesIngredient (C)0.25 Wgt31 B
Mustard SeedMustard SeedIngredient (U)0.25 Wgt21 B
Sea PetalSea PetalIngredient (E)0.25 Wgt2 S and 13 B
Bunny BeansBunny BeansIngredient (C)0.30 Wgt32 B
Foempus EyeFoempus EyeIngredient (U)0.30 Wgt72 B
CheeseCheeseFood0.35 Wgt81 B
Dried NutsDried NutsIngredient (U)0.35 Wgt49 B
MushroomsMushroomsFood0.35 Wgt2 S and 72 B
SeaweedSeaweedIngredient (C)0.35 Wgt10 B
Water LiliesWater LiliesIngredient (U)0.35 Wgt23 B
WoolWoolResource0.35 Wgt24 B
Crab MeatCrab MeatIngredient (U)0.40 Wgt42 B
Draconian FlowerDraconian FlowerIngredient (E)0.45 Wgt2 S and 29 B
Mountain IvyMountain IvyIngredient (E)0.45 Wgt2 S and 38 B
Scrib JerkyScrib JerkyIngredient (R)0.45 Wgt32 B
BeerBeerDrink0.50 Wgt29 B
Cacao MilkCacao MilkDrink0.50 Wgt1 S and 13 B
Cheese SoupCheese SoupDrink0.50 Wgt45 B
Egg SoupEgg SoupDrink0.50 Wgt37 B
Fish SoupFish SoupDrink0.50 Wgt40 B
Grape SoupGrape SoupDrink0.50 Wgt43 B
Meat SoupMeat SoupDrink0.50 Wgt30 B
MilkMilkDrink0.50 Wgt27 B
Moon StoneMoon StoneIngredient (U)0.50 Wgt17 B
Mushroom SoupMushroom SoupDrink0.50 Wgt1 S and 87 B
Potato SoupPotato SoupDrink0.50 Wgt41 B
Poultry SoupPoultry SoupDrink0.50 Wgt35 B
Vegetable SoupVegetable SoupDrink0.50 Wgt44 B
WineWineDrink0.50 Wgt70 B
FishFishFood0.55 Wgt35 B
GrapesGrapesFood0.55 Wgt50 B
VegetablesVegetablesFood0.55 Wgt47 B
Womba's TongueWomba's TongueIngredient (U)0.55 Wgt56 B
MeatMeatFood0.65 Wgt27 B
PotatoesPotatoesFood0.65 Wgt44 B
PoultryPoultryFood0.65 Wgt43 B
StoneflowerStoneflowerIngredient (R)0.65 Wgt33 B
Womba's TuskWomba's TuskIngredient (E)0.65 Wgt10 S and 65 B
Writable SkinWritable SkinResource0.65 Wgt20 B
Squirrel SkullSquirrel SkullIngredient (R)0.75 Wgt2 S and 41 B
Foempus eggFoempus eggIngredient (R)0.80 Wgt1 S and 64 B
Leather SquaresLeather SquaresResource0.90 Wgt50 B
CornCornResource1.00 Wgt49 B
DiamondDiamondGem1.00 Wgt2 G, 58 S and 75 B
EmeraldEmeraldGem1.00 Wgt1 G, 40 S and 27 B
OnyxOnyxGem1.00 Wgt5 S and 1 B
RubyRubyGem1.00 Wgt5 S
SapphireSapphireGem1.00 Wgt2 G and 50 S
TopazTopazGem1.00 Wgt1 G, 50 S and 21 B
HopsHopsResource1.25 Wgt48 B
WheatWheatResource1.30 Wgt44 B
Elion's HeartElion's HeartIngredient (E)1.45 Wgt23 S and 45 B
FlourFlourResource2.50 Wgt39 B
WoodWoodResource2.50 Wgt12 B
CoalCoalResource3.00 Wgt26 B
Iron BarsIron BarsResource4.00 Wgt2 S and 74 B
StoneStoneResource4.00 Wgt32 B