Udgar Tha Cook

~ Udgar's Shack ~

Around the shack hangs a terrible smell of ...*you sniff again*... of...SJIT!
When you have a closer look, you see that there is a dunghill around the shack... No that isn't right, the shack is build on the dunghill. But it isn't the smell of the dunghill that is so bad, no, its something else, something even worse... As you are learning to become a real Grail Seeker you decide to enter that shack... The first thing you see is eggs, many eggs. Udgar must love eggs, and that could explain the damn smell... When your eyes are used to the dark, you see a ball of flesh and rotting rags in the back of the shack. You poke it with your wooden stick and it starts moving!
Well, at least now you know where the smell is coming from, out of the mouth -and ass- of Udgar! Udgar awakes! The Cook of the monastery, the most stinky, ugly, lazy, filthy creature that walks around here. and you, just entered his hut... *yeeerk*

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