[Name][Type][Weight][Avg Price]
Dodo PlumesIngredient (E)0.05 Wgt1 S and 73 B
Bittergreen PetalsIngredient (U)0.10 Wgt19 B
Four-leaf CloverIngredient (E)0.10 Wgt1 S and 73 B
Pheasant FeatherIngredient (C)0.10 Wgt88 B
Vitalizing Gold FlowerIngredient (R)0.10 Wgt35 B
Iron OreResource0.15 Wgt4 B
NectarIngredient (U)0.15 Wgt17 B
Willow AntherIngredient (C)0.15 Wgt9 B
Elion's BloodIngredient (U)0.20 Wgt1 S and 13 B
Fog LiliesIngredient (U)0.20 Wgt19 B
Iron NailsResource0.20 Wgt9 B
NettleIngredient (C)0.20 Wgt11 B
Red BerryIngredient (C)0.20 Wgt19 B
Deadly MonkshadeIngredient (C)0.25 Wgt13 B
EggFood0.25 Wgt29 B
Fish ScalesIngredient (C)0.25 Wgt35 B
Mustard SeedIngredient (U)0.25 Wgt20 B
Sea PetalIngredient (E)0.25 Wgt1 S and 91 B
Bunny BeansIngredient (C)0.30 Wgt39 B
Foempus EyeIngredient (U)0.30 Wgt66 B
CheeseFood0.35 Wgt84 B
Dried NutsIngredient (U)0.35 Wgt48 B
MushroomsFood0.35 Wgt2 S and 42 B
SeaweedIngredient (C)0.35 Wgt11 B
Water LiliesIngredient (U)0.35 Wgt21 B
WoolResource0.35 Wgt29 B
Crab MeatIngredient (U)0.40 Wgt37 B
Draconian FlowerIngredient (E)0.45 Wgt1 S and 78 B
Mountain IvyIngredient (E)0.45 Wgt1 S and 88 B
Scrib JerkyIngredient (R)0.45 Wgt28 B
BeerDrink0.50 Wgt22 B
Cheese SoupDrink0.50 Wgt40 B
Egg SoupDrink0.50 Wgt38 B
Fish SoupDrink0.50 Wgt43 B
Grape SoupDrink0.50 Wgt42 B
Meat SoupDrink0.50 Wgt30 B
MilkDrink0.50 Wgt26 B
Moon StoneIngredient (U)0.50 Wgt15 B
Mushroom SoupDrink0.50 Wgt68 B
Potato SoupDrink0.50 Wgt46 B
Poultry SoupDrink0.50 Wgt34 B
Vegetable SoupDrink0.50 Wgt42 B
WineDrink0.50 Wgt72 B
FishFood0.55 Wgt35 B
GrapesFood0.55 Wgt51 B
VegetablesFood0.55 Wgt45 B
Womba's TongueIngredient (U)0.55 Wgt48 B
MeatFood0.65 Wgt28 B
PotatoesFood0.65 Wgt42 B
PoultryFood0.65 Wgt43 B
StoneflowerIngredient (R)0.65 Wgt34 B
Womba's TuskIngredient (E)0.65 Wgt8 S and 8 B
Writable SkinResource0.65 Wgt22 B
Squirrel SkullIngredient (R)0.75 Wgt2 S and 70 B
Foempus eggIngredient (R)0.80 Wgt2 S and 7 B
Leather SquaresResource0.90 Wgt44 B
CornResource1.00 Wgt51 B
DiamondGem1.00 Wgt2 G, 58 S and 75 B
EmeraldGem1.00 Wgt1 G, 40 S and 27 B
OnyxGem1.00 Wgt5 S and 1 B
RubyGem1.00 Wgt-
SapphireGem1.00 Wgt-
TopazGem1.00 Wgt1 G, 50 S and 21 B
HopsResource1.25 Wgt48 B
WheatResource1.30 Wgt42 B
Elion's HeartIngredient (E)1.45 Wgt28 S and 14 B
FlourResource2.50 Wgt42 B
WoodResource2.50 Wgt14 B
CoalResource3.00 Wgt26 B
Iron BarsResource4.00 Wgt3 S and 6 B
StoneResource4.00 Wgt31 B